Welcome to the IMAGES Survey Online Repository

The International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES), led by Equimundo, is one of the most comprehensive research studies ever to explore men’s practices and attitudes related to gender equality alongside women’s.

Since 2008, IMAGES surveys have been adapted in over 32 countries, representing in-depth research with more than 67,000 men and women on crucial topics, such as gender-based violence; health, including sexual and reproductive health; division of household labour; and caregiving and fatherhood.

This rich body of evidence has contributed to the body of knowledge around these key topics and also used to drive and inform government policy at local and global levels.

You can use this online repository to:
  • search for questions from IMAGES surveys by topic or country
  • create questionnaires by choosing specific questions or modules of interest
  • download relevant metadata on key IMAGES variables
  • find background documentation on IMAGES-affiliated studies
  • read IMAGES reports and related publications on working with IMAGES survey data
Family including a mother, father, and two young children, from Karongi district in Rwanda who participated in Program P that has been informed by IMAGES survey data